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I am very excited to get out of my comfort zone and share with you my passions; food and Isagenix! My mission is to give you value through recipes, videos,articles and information about an amazing company that I promote, called Isagenix. I have worked in the restaurant industry since an early age and have held virtually every job in the kitchen. I have a longing to cook and make people feel good with my creations. When ever my friends and family get together you can bet I’m manning the grill 🙂 and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The recipes aren’t all low cal cause lets face it, that would be boring and I’m a professional chef from the south, so we will be cooking a bit of everything. I am a big believer in moderation and rewarding yourself with the foods you crave as long as your working a rewarding health program. So please enjoy the many self-inspired recipes on my site and fill free to comment, ask questions, or request more information from me, it’s my pleasure to interact with you!

In the past year I have really gotten my act together as far as health goes and I would love to share my “secret weapon” I call it, ISAGENIX!  Over the past year or so i have lost 65 pounds and really started to research the human body and nutrition. i have tried working out everyday, 3 days a week, cardio only, circuit training, and just about every other exercise out there. But the truth is that it is what you put “in” your body that makeS up how you look and feel! Exercise is great and I’m a firm believer of doing what you like for exercise, no one exercise trumps another if your diet isn’t right! In other words, you can run 5 miles a day and finish with 100 sit-ups, but if your eating crap all day your just gonna be a semi-healthy person with a strong mid-section but no six pack. I noticed this fact by taking the Isagenix 30 challenge and surrendering to this program after being sidelined from the gym for a few months. I don’t want to go on and on but let me tell you this, the nutrition and cleansing power of my Isagenix program did what 6 months in the gym couldn’t do for me! I’m hear to tell you, once you flood your body with the right nutrition and alkalinity, skies the limit for your health! So please look around and check out my health related articles, you will be a believer too! I am an Isagenix coach and associate. Part of the fastest growing and most successful team in Isagenix! We have the resources, training and motivation you need to help you change your life and finances! I can’t wait to lock arms with you and help you reach your health goals! FIRED UP!!!!